Academic Grades

IBDP Predicted Grades

Math AI HL: 7/7

History HL: 7/7

Economics HL: 7/7

French AB Initio SL: 7/7

English Literature SL: 7/7

Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences SL: 7/7

TOK + EE: 2/3

Total: 44/45

Academic Achievements


  • Academic Excellence Award Recipient for IBDP Year 11
  • Subject Achievement Awards in IBDP Grade 11 History HL, Math HL, Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences SL, English A Literature SL, French AB initio SL
  • Dorian Fisher Economics Essay Competition – Distinction
  • John Locke Society Political Science Essay Competition Finalist

  • World Bank Group and Financial Times’ Blog Writing Competition for high school students – Distinction 
  • Homi Bhabha National Science Competition – Finalist 
  • Commonwealth Essay Competition Participant 
  • Singapore International School Writers Confluence, Mumbai – Senior Category Winner
  • Subject Achievement Awards in IGCSE Grade 10 First Language English, World Literature, Physics, Global Perspectives, Physical Education and History

  • Winner of the Hindustan Times Scholarship. Top 50 students out of 88,000 applicants. 
  • Winner of the Maharashtra Advanced Mathematics Competition for High School Students 
  • Winner of the Mahatma Gandhi RashtraBhasha Hindi Prachar Sanstha – A Hindi Language Competition 
  • Academic Honor Roll Recipient – Middle & High School Years
  • Cambridge ICT Merit Certification Level 3 
  • Subject Achievement Awards in IGCSE Grade 9 World Literature, Spanish, History, Physical Education, Chemistry and Physics

College Courses


Brown University, Pre – College Program: Contemporary Moral Issues with Dr. Anna Brinkerhoff – Pass. Completed July – August 2021


University of Pennsylvania, Online Program: Greek and Roman Mythology – 95%. Completed January 2021. 


University of Oxford, Summer School: Microeconomics with Ms. Myrto Oikonomou – 98% with a Letter of Recommendation. Completed June – August 2020.  


Yale University, Online Program: Financial Markets – 100%. Completed May 2020. 




December 2019 – May 2020

Research & Development Intern

StreeStyle is a relatively new start-up led by 5 young women of the age 20-22. It is an initiative to empower the “Strees” (Translates to ‘Girls’) from the lower classes of our country, who are trying to redefine Style by making items which are up-cycled from waste material. With sustainability at its core, they are in the process of creating a fashion brand which is environmentally friendly and most importantly, rooted in creating promising livelihoods for our nation’s women. I joined this company for 6 months to help align their plans with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I created business proposals to expand their reach and helped them in their goal to be a UNSDG complying company. My knowledge of the UN and International Relations came to great use here, as I was able to construct creative ideas and really apply my knowledge of the UN to help the company. 


Eleven59 College Admissions

August 2020 – November 2020

Research Intern 

I’ve always adored research. Besides writing research papers, I decided to take advantage of the research process and applied to Elevn59 College Admissions. The College Admissions process has always amused me. So, I decided to try diving into it to see what they might actually want from a student. I joined a start-up called 1159 College Admissions which counsels students into their dream universities. My job was solely college research and report writing. I wrote 5000+ word reports on Brown University, New York University, Boston University, and University of California, Los Angeles. What I learned most from this was research skills. (



December 2020 – February 2021

Economic Policy Intern

InfinHub is the world’s 1st research platform to cover all listed stocks with Buy/Sell/Hold calls and detailed research reports. In this internship, I looked at how economic policy changes impact the financial industry and stock markets. I also flew to the UAE for a week to sit in policy analysis meetings and evaluate the implications of changing policies on the stock market. This allowed the company to alter research and stock advisory.


Motilal Oswal

March 2021 – May 2021

Housing & Human Development Intern

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited is an Indian diversified financial services firm offering a range of financial products and services. The company was founded by Motilal Oswal and Raamdeo Agrawal in 1987. The company is listed on BSE and NSE stock exchanges. I looked into low cost housing in tier 2 tier 3 cities for human upliftment. Being someone who is interested in public policy, this internship was perfect in showing me the more financial side of things.

Research Papers

“What are the main differences between the economic and military dimensions of the United States’ and China’s cybersecurity policies?”

Since the advent of a commercialized internet in the early 1990s, technology has progressed at an incredible rate towards a more evolved tomorrow. It is difficult to overlook the consequences that technology and the internet have on today’s society, whether it be advancements in the medical field, speedier modes of transportation and communication, or the latest way governments in the international community negotiate with one another. However, as the number of people using the internet grows, so do the risks. As several black-hat hackers from around the world have proven, cybersecurity is not just a national issue, but rather a transnational one with increasing geopolitical implications. This research paper explores how the USA and China use cyberspace to their advantage both militaristically and economically. View PDF

“Measures to mitigate the economic impacts of a pandemic”

With COVID-19 ravaging the world right now, the potential risk posed by widespread pestilence to global financial systems has been made clear. It is also apparent that no country is capable of successfully coping with these risks on its own. It is vital that we learn from COVID-19 and develop tools to ensure that the potential economic and financial threats posed by future pandemics are nipped in the bud. This research paper focuses on evaluating the impacts of the pandemic, whilst also suggesting viable solutions. View PDF

“Measures to further integrate indigenous peoples into the global economy”

Historically, the impacts of colonialism deprived Indigenous peoples of access to and collective control of their original lands’ natural resources, economies, and also undermined their distinctive cultures, languages, and religions. Post-colonial governments exacerbated these negative consequences by promoting and supporting non-Indigenous interests and excluding native groups from all political and economic activities. Today, in an ever-globalizing world, it is becoming harder for Indigenous people to ground themselves in the global economy. This research paper explores and investigates new ways to strike a balance between traditional indigenous economies and the modern economy. View PDF

“How significant are economic and social barriers with respect to the implementation of renewable energy?”

The exigent need for a renewable approach to global development is a recurrent topic of discussion at international, national, and regional levels, following December 2015’s Paris Climate Agreement on the detrimental effects of Climate Change. Being a resident of Mumbai, my rationale for selecting this question was to investigate more on the issue of my city’s lack of renewable energy. After Greta Thunberg’s speech on climate change, sustainability has become a household term. But often, people do not know the basis of it and challenges the government can face on implementing it. The main benefit for exploring this issue is to be able to educate the people around me about the reasons why we do not have enough renewable resources. View PDF


  • English: Native Level
  • French: Limited Working Proficiency
  • Gujarati: Native Level
  • Hindi: Native Level
  • Marathi: Limited Working Proficiency
  • Spanish: Limited Working Proficiency